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I’ll be tweeting the very first post of the twittertale this Saturday 25 July. (It’s a bit weird calling it a free sample when the whole thing is free, but oh well.)

Harper Collins is within a month of making a decision on one of my novels – the first I ever wrote that had pirates in, in fact.

If I can get famous by the end of July, they’re sure to say yes (the last time they rejected it was only because it lacked a market – not because the writing was lacking. And it’s a LOT better since then, believe me).

So please, join me on twitter. It may mean the difference between a three-book deal and yet another glowing letter telling me how fabulous – but not saleable – I am. Make your housemates/children/pets follow me. use your backup email. Just make me famous, please. . .


“Why are you helping me?”

“Because you inspire terrible pity” –Dollhouse quote.

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