Daylight Day 18: Poetry

Still not EMO, despite Dad cornering me in the laundry to lecture me on the meaninglessness of his existence. Hope we find a cure.


Okay you asked for it*

This certainly proves my claims to emo-ness.

The following poem is the first piece of writing I ever had published for money (on January 14, 1996, in The Canberra Times – which used to have a “Junior Times” section – when I was thirteen). Keep a bucket handy, people.



I have to go

Leave you behind

My friend.

I don’t want to go

I will write

and so will you

But not all the time

Not looking at the blue sky

the trees, the water

the sea

Sharing happiness, sadness

love and fear.

Not any more.

We will change

Be different

not know each other.

I will come back

But not the same

to meet a different person

Be a different person.

I will miss you




*Actually no-one ever did or would, but so?

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