Daylight Day 55: Santa and Swine Flu

Mum spent an hour crying due to Mum3 fitting her wedding dress better. I definitely saw sparkles. Then she went for a walk and got better.


This is a genuine news item from a few days ago.

Poor, poor Santa isn’t so jolly these days. He’s in not one, but two high-risk categories for swine flu.

First, he’s covered in slimy, snotty children all day.

Second, he’s overweight.

This has prompted absolutely serious calls for Santa/s to get the swine flu shot, STAT.

Ho. Ho. *achoo* Ho.

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2 thoughts on “Daylight Day 55: Santa and Swine Flu

  1. Also, it should be noted that Santa travels accross international boundaries, passing through numerous areas affected by the flu.

  2. Yes, I keep attempting to warn the world of the oncoming horror of a Santa-Transmitted-Virus (It can travel around the world in just one night! It’s introduced into your HOME!), but no-one will listen.
    I only hope that I can talk Santa into wearing a seasonal HAZMAT suit before the Terrorists are able to seize this opportunity to create Global Mayhem….

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