Daylight Day 56: History of RPGs

Dad’s hair was already darkening because of EMO. He dyed it black for the wedding. His fringe is nearly chin-length. Still not EMO.


Pi crept into my room at night with a handful of syringes. “We need their blood! The Mums. Any one will do.”

I’m not sure he’s coping.


First of all, here’s a truly awesome emo picture (which also explains some of the appeal of the emo culture):

RPG stands for role-playing-game – basically a play without a script, where everyone ad-libs the whole thing, and certain qualities (eg strength) are given a fixed numerical value (which avoids conversations like, “I beat you up!” “No I beat YOU up!”) It’s deeply nerdy and utterly wonderful for creative nerds (no-one is funnier than a witty nerd).

This is how my friend explains the evolution of RPGs:

It began, as all these things begin, with nerds sitting around a table with dice. They had cardboard cut-out characters, no costumes, and no life – just dice rolls. There were absolutely no women.

Then the church discovered RPGs, and immediately denounced it as being pagan, naughty, and anti-Christian.

At hearing this, goths the world over investigated role-playing. And suddenly, there were women in role-playing.

The original nerds were stunned at this development, and used their enormous brains to figure out a strategy – ANY strategy – to keep the girls (who were rather bored by sitting around a table rolling dice to see what their characters did next).

And thus, three-dimensional characters were born, with hopes and desires and plans other than, “Kill stuff. Don’t die.”

Thus role-playing in its modern state was brought about by the church.

You’re welcome, everyone 🙂


In related news, the Vatican today denounced the “Twilight” series, saying it’s a “moral vacuum” filled with “deviant” behaviour.

Suddenly I want to read more. . .

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One thought on “Daylight Day 56: History of RPGs

  1. “Moral Vacuum” filled with ‘Deviant Behaviour”… I can think of no better summary of the history of the Catholic Church.
    How the Hell they can EVER climb on that high hobby-horse of theirs and denounce things WOULD be beyond me, if it weren’t for their long and chocolatey-rich of Hypocrisy as well.
    In the History of Humanity there hasn’t been an institution responsible for more evil than the Vatican.

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