The Spy Who Shoved Me: The Scenic Tour

“The Spy Who Shoved Me” doesn’t start until tomorrow, but it’s (mostly) set in China, which is (coincidentally) where I am right now. My partner and I are visiting my brother-in-law who is living in Beijing because of its thriving music scene.

I’m blogging in detail at and I try to make it entertaining. Beijing is bitterly cold, but it snowed last night. We visited the Temple of Heaven today, which is inside an enormous park-like area.

To put the scale a little into perspective – the building at the end of this avenue is not a building, but just one of many gates between different areas within the “park”.

Here’s some roof detail (from a mere storeroom) – and no, I don’t know what the wire is for:

Some ceiling detail (from the Vault of Heaven – another store room):

Beijing is very polluted it’s true, and the weather is almost always hideous – but it’s a beautiful city, and strangely peaceful.

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