Day 1: Coconuts

Hello and welcome to a new theme and a new tale – the shortest so far. (In February stories will begin to tend toward a one-month length.)

Today’s blog is all about coconuts.

Coconut milk is recommended if you have food poisoning, because it’s packed with sugary hydration (and it’s delicious – young coconut milk tastes like lemonade, and I love it!) One tiny problem: it’s a natural diuretic. So keep that in mind on YOUR “Genuine Castaway Experience”.

Coconut trees are REALLY hard to climb. If you need to do it, do it fast – before hunger sets in. Strip off the soft outer layer of the coconut (if you’re up to making a fire, the brushiness will be useful to you) and use the tree itself to break the coconut open – it’s probably the only thing hard enough to work (unless you were thoughtful enough to bring a hammer).

I don’t recommend drinking or eating fermented coconuts. But that’s just me.

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