S#13: Take a bath (and twitter)

Today, for the first time in about five years, I took a bath. I did it RIGHT. There were bubbles, there was a great book, there was a towel behind my back, and I had a bottle of cool drink at my side. I thought it’d feel weird to be in a bath, but it felt grand.

No photos, though 😉

“BRIDEZILLA” so far:


It’s pay day, so I buy pillows. Luckily my wedding dress makes a good maternity dress. I hope this plan works. Tomorrow, here I come.


I dress as a VERY expectant bride and go to the bakery store. As I order a huge pile of hot cross buns, I put one hand to my giant stomach.


“Oh you poor dear!” says the matronly type I’ve been observing for days. “Don’t bother paying for those buns.”


She winks, “And may I STRONGLY recommend entering our restaurant-dinner-for-two competition?”

I obey her while silently applauding my act.


Today I’m a goth bride with heavy eye-makeup and blood-red feathers on my neckline. I mingle in the bar before Amanda Palmer’s concert.


Amanda comes out, hugs me, then takes in my full outfit. “Congrats,” she says – “And you’re NOT paying – or your fiancé, wherever he is.”


Being a goth bride rocks. It’s even better than yesterday’s pregnancy. I’ve never enjoyed a concert so much – or been given so much beer.


I promised my daughter a huge pile of Easter eggs – but I also promised she could continue at her school. So I dress her as my flower girl.


Easter eggs: Check. Nausea: check. Chocolate smears on May’s face: check. Getting chocolate for a flower girl at Easter is almost too easy.


A shrill voice cuts through my pleasure – my ex-bridesmaid, Cherie. “Anna! Did Rob come back and marry you after all?”

“Uh. . . sure. Yep.”


I’m embarrassed after lying to Cherie, so today I go for the dumped bride look. My mascara runs beautifully, and I get more hot cross buns.


As I’m lugging a garbage bag of buns to my car, one of the bakery girls comes and helps me. She says, “Wait a second, do I recognise you?”


I shake my head, but she says, “Yes! I saw you dumped on YouTube. . . but that was a month ago. What the. . .?”

I flee.


Today I dress as a mum. An emotionally and financially stable mum. I try to arrange my stockings so the holes are hidden inside my shoes.


“We’ve been making allowances because of your. . . incident. . . a month ago. But we must have next term’s fee by the end of this month.”


After the meeting, I go give May a hug. Her teacher stops me and asks for my number.

“Oh no! What did May –”

“Nothing. I want to call YOU.”


I eat hot cross buns, and ask my boss for a raise. Neither goes down well.


When May gets home, I interrogate her about her dark-haired, dark-eyed teacher.

She says, “He’s nice. I got to be the queen in story time.”


I get the card for the free dinner for two at a real restaurant. Yay! Less than an hour later my landlord “drops by”. Uh-oh.


May’s teacher calls, and arranges to pick me up on Saturday. My heart’s fluttering so hard, I can’t eat my dinner (of hot cross buns).


May dresses in her best dress for our dinner of Real Food. I wear a skirt. They greet us with champagne. “Where’s the other newlywed?”


“Uh. . . he had to work,” I say. They hustle us to our highly beflowered table and tell us to order anything we want. We do.


May gets them to make her a hamburger. I have a huge pile of meat and a giant salad. Neither of us eats our bread rolls.

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