#124: Frolic in a Fountain

This is inspired by http://the-creamy-middles.blogspot.com. Thank you!

At the beginning of the day, I was scared the cops would take me down and/or put me in the slammer/big house/bad man can for today’s dastardly deed. When I looked at the colour of the water (and saw no glimpse of the bottom) my fears changed.

I had thought ahead and invited Canberra’s Master of Sarcasm, Ben. I told him to wear his most frolicsome attire. He did.

As you may have noticed, it’s raining. The day went from sunny to a thunderstorm (during exactly this period of time), then sunny again (immediately afterwards, although parts of the road were flooded). In this pic, you can see it’s a sunny day, with rain in the middle – and only in the middle.

When we reached the fountain, I passed the camera to the faithful Ben and headed bravely into battle. (Please note: I’m usually much manlier than I may appear in this clip. And I really was concerned that there might be some form of marine life lurking beneath the surface. I have frog fear.)

Pausing only to pay tribute to “La Dolce Vita”. . .


I stepped under the spray for a properly frolicsome picture.

Shortly afterward, we fled the scene. I noticed as we walked away that I’d injured myself in the pursuit of awesomeness. My leg was cut, and I had a long trail of blood running down my leg and pooling in my left shoe.

Did I mention the water was green?

My skin, hair and clothes became increasingly itchy and flollopy on the way home, but it was DEFINITELY worth it. I was wet through and smelly, but exhilarated.

Play along at home: Find a fountain, and go frolic in it!

Tomorrow’s awesomeness plan: Share good news.

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9 thoughts on “#124: Frolic in a Fountain

  1. Wow! I’m honoured to inspire, and extremely happy for you. Despite your unfortunately-timed bout of rain, I’m glad you found the frolic as fun and as freeing as I did.

    Thanks also for the lovely comments at my blog 🙂


  2. Surreal as always (…and I’m not just saying that…)

    You know, on second thoughts, I’ve decided that I quite like that picture: it makes me look like a Leprechaun…

  3. hey girl, seems like we’re doing the same thing… sort of!

    steff told me about you when i told her i’m doing her list. i had no idea someone else did it, that’s so cool!

    good luck with yours, and welcome to visit me.

  4. Very nice, you are right, your man-ly-ness has suffered. But made up somewhat with a funky smell and blood loss. Well done.

  5. That is deeper than I thought. But I should have known that, recalling the cafe chair I pulled out of there the other week on a Sunday morning.

    Your manliness is still about the same as mine, so I don’t think it’s too much of a problem.

  6. I am sooooo doing this! AND in the same fountain! With a camera! And friends! And the drug… of LIFE! 😀

    This will be fun… >:3

    1. Georgia: Excellent! I LOVE it when I inspire others to awesomeness. Don’t forget to tell me when you’ve done it, and where I can see the photos.

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