#144: Go somewhere I’ve never been (Pine Island)

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I have enjoyed clambering on river rocks in ankle-length skirts since I was ten years old (there are photos of that somewhere). There’s something about it that’s just scary enough to be enjoyable and adventurous without actually risking major physical damage. And, it’s pretty.

It was scarier than usual today, because I’d had a panic attack in the morning, which meant I was still rather shaky and unco. As a result, I wasn’t quite as graceful as I’d like.

On the up side, since J-Lo’s posterior is meant to be her best feature, I reckon I’ll be at least five times as popular once this photo appears. (Or maybe ten times as popular, to be perfectly honest).

I did manage to recover some daintiness on the way back, and (once back on shore) felt far mightier than when I set out.

Play along at home: Climb on or over something you probably shouldn’t (based on my experiences as a child breaking walls, shelves, and so on – test the strength of the climbable objects first).

Tomorrow: Poetry reading (as suggested by reader W).

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  1. I am, as ever, more than happy to have the opportunity to observe your charming callipygian qualities.

    Awesomeness suggestion: Read Dr Seuss to a small child.

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