S#81: Ice Cream Parlour

I have a confession to make: I don’t like ice cream. For me, it’s simply not unhealthy enough. There’s not enough sugar, colouring, flavouring and chocolate to make even high-quality ice cream cut it for me.

But I have solved that pressing concern. Some of you are familiar with Jigsaw, Goodberries or Cold Rock ice cream. It’s very easy to make your own version at home.

1. Buy an ice cream base (I like Cadbury choc chip ice cream).

2. Buy fillings – I bought a few:

3. Chop/mash/bash up your fillings and mix them with the ice cream (possibly adding topping, as I did). Refreeze if required (recommended).

4. Eat.

5. Have a lie down and/or a stomach pump.

I particularly like the combination of caramel (any kind) and rocky road chocolate with ice cream. Too many fillings can overwhelm the dish – but sometimes that’s the effect you’re aiming for.

Play along at home: Eat something delicious. Write in and tell me what it was.

Coming soon: Secret # 6

Edit a friend’s novel

De-Motivational posters (I’ve been working on them today)

Make a collage

Go crazy in a lolly shop (pretty soon, because I’m about to lose some weight)

Try, try again (again)

And a surprise or two

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One thought on “S#81: Ice Cream Parlour

  1. That is just nauseating…….. Give me good old ice-cream with milo on top!

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