#: Put an octopus in an unexpected place

Welcome one and all to Secret # 6.

Octopi have the slinky flexibility of cats. They flollop. The tentacles are sticky, and really do wrap around anything nearby. These guys weigh over two kilos each, which is a lot of lumpy reptilian squidginess. And I could feel the slippery lump of their brains wobbling around inside their skulls. I got octopus ink on my hands, and unidentified biological matter on my clothes, skin and hair. My hands still smelled of octopus when I went to bed that night, despite the fact I’d washed them with hot water and with soap more than half a dozen times. And cut my fingernails. Right now I still have a tentacley mass lurking in the fridge, waiting for rubbish day.

That was quite a day. I could see people frowning in confusion as they past, and then their faces lighting up as they realised what was happening.

Ben (that’s his voice on the video – this was all his idea) named the smaller one Squidgy and the larger one Tentacular. These pictures are not copyrighted, so you may use them as desktops or whatever as long as you mention either this blog or “Louise Curtis”. In the next three hours I’ll begin putting ALL the photos up on a new facebook group, and I’ll put the address of it at the end of this post. The photos and video were taken at the Australian National University, outside Belconnen Library, in the city centre (the last photos involved another fountain-wade from yours truly), and in my mother’s backyard. (When my mother saw what we had in the bucket, she went “Urg!” and took a step back.)

Want more photos? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120950664610493

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3 thoughts on “#: Put an octopus in an unexpected place

  1. “Like a creepy muppet”. I like that.

    I think the best one has to be the Civic statue. I can’t help but wonder what the little boy plans to do with an octopus when he finally gets it off of that naked man.

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