#161: Move furniture at 2am.

I just updated yesterday’s balloon entry, including a video. I hope you like it.

Clearly, there was a party at my place last night. And so it was that I found myself washing dishes at 1am (that’s not actually the awesome part, fyi). Cleaning up the entire party before even going to bed made me feel so darn virtuous that my eye strayed to the fridge.

Let me explain.

The main light switch of our kitchen, and thus our entire living area, is located almost directly behind our full-size fridge. To turn the light on or off, one must lean over the bins, unhinge themself by the elbow, and (with a dextrous twist of the spine), use the very tips of their fingers to manipulate the aforementioned switch.

Further along that wall (where the fridge could go if one didn’t mind it being mostly in the living room rather than the kitchen) is a bookshelf, a day bed, and a double-sized bookshelf. And a vital power point. Then, unsurprisingly, a brick wall.

But I noticed small gaps between each object. Could I shuffle the whole room up, and thus prevent major spinal damage?

I didn’t mention this to CJ. He tends to blink two or three times at my plans, and disapproves of my “What happens if I do THIS?” strategies. But nor did I actually do anything. It seemed highly unlikely that I’d be able to do it on my own, and I try not to order CJ to do stuff I’m not willing to do myself. Thus, I was stuck. Until last night of course, when CJ was playing Portal, the dishes were done, and my spirits were high.

It was easy. Ridiculously easy. Presumably the pixies helped me, especially with moving the large bookcase and the fridge.

And now we can reach the freakin’ lightswitch.

Ta da!

Play along at home: Stay up late enough that you start getting foolish ideas. Put said ideas into practice. Tell us what you did, and if it Actually Worked.

Tomorrow: The long-awaited marshmallow gun!

Oh! Time for the fish report.

My neon tetras have no survived a month in my tank, so I’m pretty confident they’ll live long and happy lives (those that my reticulate didn’t eat, that is). I’m slightly concerned about Gandalf’s fin health, so I’ll be looking into that this week. At present my reticulate and my fighting fish (Gandalf) are eating live worms, as pictured writhing on the gravel here (mmm. . . live spaghetti):

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