Meringues (and cthulhu)

Welcome to July and “When Good Libraries Go Bad”. We interrupt your regular viewing to make this important safety announcement.

Cthulhu: coming soon to eat a planet near you.

What are they? Giant planet-eating monsters. With tentacles. (Which also tells you exactly why they appear in July’s twittertale.)

Who invented them? Probably lots of people, but H.P. Lovecraft is the big guy.

What do they look like? Every day in July I’ll post a picture of either a library or a cthulhu. Here’s a few to get you started (all from Flickr):

And now we move seamlessly into a three-ingredient meringue recipe.

Turn oven on to 100 degrees Celsius.

Beat four egg whites until stiff peaks form.

Slowly add half a cup of caster sugar (I used normal sugar, which isn’t as good).

Add half a tablespoon vanilla.

Spoon them onto greased baking paper in the oven until they look cooked (don’t open the door to check, just turn the oven off when they start to brown and take them out at least half an hour later).

Alternatively, you can eat the entire mixture raw. MmmmMMM.

As you can tell, I didn’t use baking powder, didn’t use any kind of technique to shape them, and was too busy eating to photograph them cooked.

Meringues are so excellent, and so cheap to make.

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