S#6: Dress Up

So today I’m heading off to the NSW Writers’ Centre, schmoozing in a manner that could potentially change my fortunes. So what’s a girl to wear?

How about this (minus the snow and with an infinitely more dignified hat):

They may think I’m a refugee from the middle ages, but they’re reasonably likely to remember me (“Louise Curtis? That girl in the huge velvet dress?”)

That’s my theory, anyway!

Play along at home: Wear something awesome, somewhere unexpected.

Throughout July I’ll be posting a picture of either a library or a cthulu (or perhaps, someday, both) as companion to the twittertale “When Good Libraries Go Bad.” Thames&Hudson published a book of library photos taken by Candida Höfer. You can see the details at http://www.thamesandhudson.com/9780500543146.html. This photo is a reproduction from that collection (pass your mouse over the picture to see which library it is).

Published by Felicity Banks Books

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