S#71: Fruit and Veg

Today is Friendsday Wednesday – a day to celebrate friends (either by a DIY public holiday, by meeting someone at their work cafe for lunch, or just calling someone you love to like). http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=348494771209&index=1 

I celebrated by buying a ridiculous amount of fruit and vegetables to feed my impoverished associates.

It’s always good being as absent-minded as yours truly, because I get home from shopping and say things like, “Wait a sec. . . is that. . . yes it is! A coconut. Huzzah!”

Yesterday I made hommus (for the first time in my life; I’ll blog about it officially soon). Tomorrow I’ll be making soup for lunch, and serving all these items as snacks during the day, as I desperately try to not eat chocolate or lollies – the fruits and mint here will all go into a mighty delicious drink of awesomeness. I may even let someone else have a sip.

Mmm. . . shiny.

In other news, yesterday I bade a sad farewell to Sherlock, my reticulate cory. He was an impulse purchase (although he DID solve my snail problem) who will grow far too big for my tank – and he’s made Gandalf (my Siamese fighting fish) sick. I have a friend with a 150L tank just for loaches and tetras, so it was perfect. She even has a reticulate cory already (frighteningly large, too). I watched Sherlock in his new tank for a very long time, and he was clearly delighted with his much bigger environment (which has hundreds of hidey-holes to explore). It’s sad to see Sherlock leave, but I know everyone’s better off.

In other other news, I’m now halfway through my four weeks of digestive awesomeness. The lack of chocolate makes me want to punch the universe in the face, and I’m nauseous a lot (less so as time passes, but I think I have some genuine food intolerances to sort out). And, as you probably gathered from the accusations of pregnancy flying about, I’m rather bloated. Only sheer self-righteous determination is keeping me going. I still haven’t re-achieved my 78 kilos (I gained three kilos due to a combination of factors), but I will still probably make 76.5 (actual healthy weight range) by the time the four weeks are up.

Tomorrow: Three-Ingredient Thursday: Baked Apple

And here’s another beautiful thing for you to gaze upon, once again taken by Candida Hofer and published by Thames&Hudson:

Published by Felicity Banks Books

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    1. Thanks W! Another magical substance nailed down into actual ingredients, yay!

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