S#51: Guilty Pleasure

If there’s anything I excel at, it’s guilty pleasures. You want ’em? I gots ’em. Today was meant to be my final day of total digestive goodness – so much for that. I fell off the rails last Saturday, and haven’t yet managed to get back on (but I *did* make my weight goal, plus established along the way that I’m not lactose intolerant – but I am still sick. Next I’ll try gluten intolerance, then see if it’s IBS).

I bet you’re all thinking, “Oh, here we go. Another blog entry about how Louise went and bought three packs of junk food and ate them all in a sitting.” But no! Today I indulged myself by taking myself out to a charmingly eccentric cafe I know and ordering a toasted turkey foccacia with avocado, camembert and cranberry jam. While reading a Terry Pratchett.

One of the things I like about this cafe (apart from the fact that they generally pop next door to borrow an avocado immediately after taking my order) is the view. I like the mix of alley wall, tin church, and lamp post.

It was all very convivial and even good for my health.

And then I went and bought three packs of junk food.

Here’s a special treat for today’s awesome picture. Yep, it’s Felicia Day. You’re welcome.

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