Three-Ingredient Thursday: The Funny Scotsman

The Funny Scotsman woke me up three times last night (and he was rather lumpy toward the end too, if I’m perfectly honest).

1. Warm the milk.

2. Add melted chocolate to taste (and taste the rest). Save a bit to grate on top.

3. Mix in butterscotch schnapps to taste.

It’s insanely delicious, but quite hazardous. Do not drink it if you are pregnant (because there’s booze in it), going to drive anywhere (the combination of schnapps and hot milk is intensely soporific), or an insomniac (because there’s chocolate and thus caffeine in it).

Also, keep a sharp eye out for cthulhu. Today is the last day of the tale, and the last cthulhu picture. I’ll post the full story tomorrow. The new story starts on 1 August.

This picture turns out to be from Alan Baxter is an excellent horror author (not YA, as previously advertised), and a genuinely excellent human being (or possibly a cthulhu in an even more excellent disguise). If you like cthulhu, you’ll like Alan Baxter (personally, I find his books gross and scary).

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6 thoughts on “Three-Ingredient Thursday: The Funny Scotsman

  1. Your post here popped up in my Google alerts and I find you accusing me of being a Cthulhu – I’d really rather you didn’t tell everyone! 🙂

    Incidentally, my books aren’t YA at all. I’d really recommend not letting young adults read them. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

    1. Please don’t eat me. Pleeeaaassseee! Aaarrrggg!

      *cough* Alan Baxter is definitely not a cthulhu. Definitely. I swear it on my own delicious innards.

  2. I’m not certain what the ‘Funny (and, apparently, lumpy…) Scotsman’ is (other than it’s not Billy Connolly), but I am however certain that I don’t want to to be certain what it is. Certainly.

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