S#17: Midnight Snackage

I took the chance to have midnight snacks with my sister and her husband while they’re here in Canberra. Unfortunately, she’s pregnant and sleepy so the fondue I prepared so carefully needed to be served at nine before she passed out.

It was, however, the best serve of fruit EVER.

Thanks to the magic of the day, and the unpredictability of pregnant-lady energy swings, we did end up staying up until midnight after all. Luckily, my sister had also prepped some cheesecake. Which we ate right on twelve.

Midnight snacks are, and always will be, awesome.

DEFINITELY play along at home on this one.

Guess what! This is your very last bookshelfporn.com pic, since a new tale (and a new realm of pictures. . . you’ll see) begins tomorrow. This is someone’s private library.

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