#140: Antique Shop in a Small Town

CJ and I went exploring in “Grandpa’s Shed” in the small town of Fitzroy Falls (yes, the one with the waterfall).

They’re really serious about their stuff. And there’s a lot of it.

Because having thirty rusty saws isn’t suspicious at all.

Remember those things?

Tins. Who doesn’t feel strangely compelled to buy dozens of tins? Tins are cool.

I have a feeling I should recognise the typing machine above.

Giant bellows.

And. . . a pulpit. I confess a part of me so wants to buy it. And the typing machine. And at least six tins. And the piano thingy.

But never, never the safari hats.

Here’s today’s Flickr.com picture:

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8 thoughts on “#140: Antique Shop in a Small Town

  1. Oh. My. God.

    I want to go there and buy their everything.

    (You are definitely right about the inexplicable compulsion to buy old tins – I was looking at them, pondering my urge to buy them all and not sure what I’d do with them even before I read your caption)

    Oh, and that’s not a Typing Machine – it’s a Mechanical Calculator…

    (A Burroughs Comptometer, I’d say:
    http://www.vintagecalculators.com/BurroughsCalc_1.jpg )

    1. B: Burroughs Comptometer. Of course. (There were three, by the way.) And yes, tins are evil. I think it’s because they have a teensy bit of a steampunk vibe, because of being metal and fitting together nicely – plus the illusion of practicality.

  2. I do like a nice old pianola. And I have thrown out a lot of old tins over the years when I decide that they really do take up way too much room in cupboards etc. I do still have a few though šŸ˜€

    Stuff is soooooo coool.

    1. Ann: It’s cool, and then you go deeper into the darkness and the slow creeping stuff-ness starts to just freak you out. The key is to spend a lot of time there, and embrace the fact that it’s a lot like being in your grandparents’ house if they’d had absolutely no self control and were afflicted with hoarding.

    1. Steff Metal: Yep. Everyone wants a pulpit. Given the size of my flat, however, I’d clearly regret it. In another universe, I bought it anyway.

  3. Why wouldn’t you want safari hats?! It’s on my “hats I still don’t have but want to buy” list (along with a bicorn and a silk topper, among others).

    1. W: I know you just want more hats to lurk on your hatstand in your infamously dark and ominous laundry. For the sake of completion, I understand. Bicorn and silk topper sounds great.

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