#97: Cancel Fu

These days, everyone is running around, stressed over this and that and “I said I’d get right on to such-and-such”. We hold on so tightly to our plans. So, when we let something go, it’s a wonderful feeling.

That is my awesomeness for today – not doing anything awesome today (whoaa, what a paradox). Personally, I’m going back to bed.

What are you going to not do today?

And here’s a true story (published in a “Short and Twisted” anthology a few years ago). It happened to Ben.

Naked Man in the Bushes

There’s not much to do in Canberra.

I walked home from Belconnen Interchange on a Wednesday night. It was ten o’clock, so there were no more buses. Drunk men were everywhere, and they all seemed to be stalking their ex-wives. They talked to contacts on mobiles. ‘Yes, she’s going toward Ginninderra Drive now. See if you can head her off.’

My concern rose significantly when I noticed an adult male crouching in bushes by the roadside. He was nude.

I kept my eyes forward and debated whether or not I should call someone. Unable to remember the number for the naked stalker hotline, I walked by on the other side of the road. A second naked man burst from a tree immediately in front of me and sprinted to the traffic island splitting Belconnen Way.

‘Marco!’ he yelled.

‘Polo!’ came the reply.


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