Three-Ingredient Thursday: The Dark Dinosaur

You can argue the case that this has only two ingredients. I would.

NB: The zombie cat is not an ingredient. She is cunningly hidden on a chair underneath a glass table.

Method: Break orange intense Lindt into squares. Make sandwich with a dinosaur (or several snakes). Eat before CJ comes home and find a suspicious depletion of the chocolate I bought for him.

I’m particularly proud of the way the snakes glisten ominously in this photo.

Now I always knew this would taste good. It wasn’t a difficult thought process to walk through. But to be honest, I thought it was a little bit of a waste of fine chocolate and natural brand confectionary, since the consumption speed is vastly different and (I thought) non-complimentary. However.

The Lindt chocolate is thin enough and dark enough that it more or less dissolves in the mouth, but fills the senses with dark chocolate goodness (the orange intense flavour removes the usual bitterness of dark chocolate, FYI). The dinosaur takes more time to chew, but that is fine because the flavour of the chocolate remains in the mouth. Thus, the symbiotic relationship makes this dish awesome.


In other news, I helped prevent a high-speed crash today.

Canberra basically has one 100-kilometer zone: The Tuggeranong Parkway. I was driving there this afternoon, between heavy bouts of rain and mist, and observed a car attempting to change lanes. They clearly hadn’t head-checked their blind spot, because there was a truck exactly beside them in the right hand lane. The truck immediately noticed the Honda Jazz moving toward them and swerved away, but they couldn’t go far because of the concrete boundary in the centre of the Parkway

The Honda Jazz driver was clearly still oblivious to the truck – there was no sudden swerve back into their lane. So I beeped my horn. Most of us have a guilty conscience, and immediately assume a beeping horn is someone telling us we’re being stupid. It worked. The Jazz immediately did that classic over-compensatory swerve back into their own space, and then corrected themself.

All of which happened in moments, on a wet road with low visibility, at a hundred kilometres an hour.

That’s right: I’m a freaking hero.

Also, if they had collided, I’d have probably rear-ended both of them and died horribly.

To celebrate three lives saved, here’s a picture of a rainforest.

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    1. Jolyon: Not so much. Things haven’t been working as well (?) as usual in my head, so for now my strategy is to deal with life first and diet later. It’ll hurt a lot when it happens, but that’s the way it is.

    1. Thanks will. Anything with Edward dying is cool. That one has Bella dying too! Hurrah!

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