#182: Go to a 90th birthday

Remember Steve Irwin? Remember how he was so alive it was like he filled the whole room just by being on TV?

He’s got nothing on my grandpa. Nothing.

My grandpa recently saw a doctor because he felt “slightly puffed” when he went upstairs.

My grandpa asked my grandma to marry him on their third meeting.

My grandpa once held his breath under water (he and his friends had been skinny-dipping, so they were naked) while getting shot at by US friendly fire in World War 2 (a story that never fails to make him laugh).

My grandpa was terribly offended at his 90th when someone said he looked 80 (“WHAT!?! I don’t look that old at all.”)

My grandpa is learning Mah Jong – and his aim is to start telling his teacher, “No, actually, you’re wrong. THIS is how you play.”

He has/will have at least three parties this year, since he lives in Perth. CJ and I went to the Sydney one – with over twenty people, almost all of them relatives of mine.

Apparently it was the type of party at which I felt the need to show my muscles. I have no recollection why that was the case.*

And the masses gathered for the inevitable photo:

And here to give you a teensy bit of longevity yourself, is a rainforest picture from flickr.com:

*apparently it was that type of party.

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8 thoughts on “#182: Go to a 90th birthday

      1. Thanks! The background is the inside of a 747 – I took it whilst en route when I first moved here. I use gravatar.com to make it show up on your blog (and others).

  1. Heh, you’ve seen my folks more recently than I have now 😉

    Was Marie taking the mass photo? I can’t find her in the crowd, but the rest of the brigade is there…

    1. Yes, we came up with the brilliant plan of having three people take photos, since it was unfair to leave out just one (CJ was also taking shots at this point, and a lady called Jan who is married to Grandpa’s cousin Alan). Ah, crowd think. . .

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