#184: All day in a wired cafe

I love the smell of cliché in the morning.

Taking advantage of a day when I didn’t have any tutoring, I decided to snap out of my recent pre-conference chocolate binge by distracting myself with writing and pancakes (pancakes being less evil than chocolate, believe me). So I went to the Pancake Parlour, an underground cave of a cafe, and ate a Red Dawn for breakfast:

And yep, that’s bacon and cheese you see baked into the pancake.

Then I wrote. And wrote some more. One of my books has been under major reconstruction for over a year, and it happens to be one I’ve promised to one of my shiny new contacts at a big publisher, so I armed myself with bacon and entered the fray. It wasn’t pretty, but I emerged with a rough new (ish) beginning, which should be good to go in about a month’s time.

I also ate lunch – in this case, cottage fries (with sour cream), and traditional lemonade.

It’s an expensive way to go, but I’ve now gone 8 waking hours without chocolate AND I have a workable opening to “The Princess and the Pirate”.

Play along at home: Are you a student or a writer or someone who sometimes works from home? Try taking your laptop to a cafe and seeing if the new environment helps. Let me know!

And here’s your “Peace Hostage” companion pic for today, from flickr.com:

PS: While at the cafe, I received news that one of my stories was honorably mentioned in a short-short story competiton. This is the tale:


They say it’s impossible to defy a dragon. But I manag–

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