#185: Experiment on a cat

The myth: That if you tie something around a cat’s middle, it won’t be able to walk.

The video:

The conclusion is at the bottom of this post.

And here are some gratuitously cute photos to show Ana was not disturbed by her latest adventure (or WAS SHE???) Those are CJ’s feet, by the way.

There’s a three-track soundtrack to these photos, too. You’ll have to recreate it in your minds.

Track one: Me saying, “Hold still! I need another photo. No, another one! It’ll just be a second. Oh, stop whining.”

Track two: CJ giggling, then saying “Ow! Ouch! OUCH!” with great surprise.

Track three: Ana, purring.

And here’s your pic of the day, from flickr.com:

The result of the experiment: Myth busted. It’s true she walked sideways at first, but she was completely fine after that.

If this was really Mythbusters, I’d replicate the results – but since that would involve tying her feet together, I decided not to.

Conclusion: Myth busted.

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2 thoughts on “#185: Experiment on a cat

  1. My soundtrack, from Ana’s perspective:

    1. Nom
    2. Nom
    3. Nom

    Ana was still walking oddly. She was walking very low to the ground, not like she normally does. It suggests that there was some effect on her walking, but not incapacitation. This is a good thing.

    I think Ana was well rewarded for her participation by being fed.

  2. I have done this before on a friends cat and it worked much more effectively. Maybe your cat is more resilient. Pity it didn’t work. It’s really funny when it does.

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