Three-Ingredient Thursday: Lunch

This is it: the end of ten weeks of three-ingredient Thursdays. I hope you enjoyed looking at food you weren’t eating, and perhaps making and eating it yourselves.

Today’s is a classic Australian school lunch that for some reason hasn’t crossed the Pacific. Maybe today’s the day.

Yep, it’s a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Aussie readers will be frowning at this, saying, “That’s not a recipe. That’s LUNCH.” American readers will be frowning at this, saying, “But where’s the jelly? Oh, those silly Australians don’t know how to make a sandwich.”

Perhaps we can all try one another’s sandwiches, and unite the world. Peanut butter and honey/jam/jelly (we antipodeans call “jelly” jam – our “jelly” is American “jello”) is delicious, believe me.

If, gentle reader, you have a new sandwich-related cultural experience this week, do come back and tell us all about it.

Tomorrow: My pick of the top five novels that I’ve read in preparation for the mighty writing conferences of August/September. There will be zombies, first love, an evil Santa, a gay best friend, war, and Anonymity Jones.

In other news, “Peace Hostage” ends this Saturday – but I’ll continue posting rainforest pics until the end of the month. On September 1, the new story, “Killer Robot Cat” begins. Personally, I can’t wait.

In the meantime, here’s your rainforest pic for today:

Photos courtesy of, Thomas Marent,, wikipedia, and Sipa Press/Rex Features

Original Source: Rainforest facts, The Guardian, and

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4 thoughts on “Three-Ingredient Thursday: Lunch

    1. Where are you from, Kristi? Too bad I’m allergic to apple at the moment, or I’d give that horrifying-sounding combo a try.

      1. I’m originally from Canada, but I’m currently living in California with my new husband. ‘Tis a shame about the apples. I have a strong love for peanut butter and honey, together or separate. 🙂

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