#193: Pat a Lizard

I’m still in Melbourne, but today’s blog casts us back to an awesome event eight days ago, back at CSIRO’s Science Week.

I happened upon their reptile room (eerily decorated with life-size replicas of the animals, so that you look at a metre-long lizard inside a cage, then from the corner of your eye see one OUTSIDE THE CAGE ARRRGGG!!! Oh. . . it’s fake*). This lizard enclosusure allowed patting. . . very very cool. The one I’m patting here had just been lapping like a cat at its water bowl.

This one is just as scaly and lumpy as he looks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he felt like an alligator-skin handbag.

Today in Melbourne I’ll be going to sessions on author as brand, comic writing, and a multi-magazine birthday party (including “Going Down Swinging” which has one of my tales this issue, “The Clockwork Children” which isn’t child-safe unless your child is seriously messed up). If you’re going to any of those session (the birthday party is free), I’m the tall one in the ankle-length skirt (that’s part of my brand) and red top. I’ll report back on what I learn and whether I find the particular publishers I’m hoping to oh-so-casually run into.

And today’s rainforest pic, from flickr.com:

*Or IS IT???**

**Not joking. It took me a while to be certain, particularly since one of the volunteers was holding a real live snake at the time.

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