#194: Flee

Here I am again, perched beside the Tim Burton eyeball balloon*.

My first session today is cursed.

I wasn’t able to get the author’s book from the ACT public library (I tried twice). Then this morning, I missed my train.

Cue urge to kill.

Then it turned out to be in a different building – near an alleged river. **

Urge to kill growing stronger.

Then I asked directions twice, and ended up where I started.

Urge to kill becoming problematic.

Now I’m going home before a piano falls on my head.

By “home” I mean that blessed power point near the aforementioned eyeball balloon (see yesterday’s entry for a picture). I should still be able to make it to the session with Jaclyn Moriarty and Lili Wilkinson.

Hey! And guess what’s happening right now (around noon)? There’s a book I need to buy today. Not tomorrow – today. I spent my last $20 on a prepaid internet voucher in order to transfer the money for the book purchase into my account. While wandering around looking for Deborah Abela’s session, I found another power point and went to plug in my laptop (the battery lasts a maximum of 2 minutes these days). I was stopped by a guy with a dangling comm who called his supervisor, and then told me I wasn’t allowed to plug in. So I went “home”. Hello eyeball balloon. 

And here’s the thing.

The internet voucher isn’t working. This has never happened before – never. It’s quite likely it’ll never happen again. It’s a one in a million chance.


I’m utterly screwed***! Ta da!

Does the universe hate you, too? Tell us how the hatred shows for you – the comments are all yours. (Well, that’s assuming I survive the curse long enough to post this entry.)

*Is it a metaphor for something? Hard to say.

**I do believe that this river exists – somewhere between all the high-rise buildings here IN THE MIDDLE OF A MAJOR CITY. If I ever do actually see it, I’ll let y’all know.

***writing this entry in a word document to post later.****

****later (at 4pm, safely back at Celia’s place): still hate everyone. But here’s a picture I took on the way home to prove that there is at least SOME good in the world:


And here’s your final rainforest picture from flickr.com (“Killer Robot Cat” begins tomorrow – anyone got any LEGAL TO USE evil robot pics for me to post? I’ll also accepts pics of your cat – post them to fellissimo at hotmail dot com and make sure you acknowledge the source):

PS A blog must be authentic, and I assure you my sarcasm is that. But how do you guys like it? Too miserable? Or do you like laughing at my pain? I know I do! The up side is that tomorrow is practically guaranteed to be better than today.

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3 thoughts on “#194: Flee

    1. Thanks Barbara and Jolyon. It’s not actually surprising that it was a bad day – I knew what I was in for when I signed up. But the trip is more than half over now, so that’s good.

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