#190: Lolly Review

Today was packed so full of awesome I don’t have time to blog about it until tomorrow. It did involve coins in my bra, a chance re-meeting, six hours of fruitless lurking, a zombie apocalypse planning session with someone whose name I didn’t catch, and a perky song “based on a true story about when I fell down a cliff and broke both my legs, yaaay!”


So here’s today’s blog (and yes, it’s late):

There is a new lolly in the world: The natural confectionary “berry bliss” pack. You may have seen the ads.

I passed them in the supermarket many a time, but didn’t quite buy them – until today (which is to say, last week, since “today” I’m in Melbourne*) CJ found this when he wandered upstairs for dinner***

I can tell you now, this is a brilliant lolly. Even if it was a standard raspberry/strawberry jelly imitation, it’s done by the Natural confectionary company, and as such it tastes better (and is infinitely more expensive). But they have that most irresistable feature: the liquid centre.


“Bliss” is actually appropriate.

Rating: 4 stars (it’d be 5, but the pack is 140 grams instead of the usual 200 grams, so that makes me sad).

Later on, in order to fill out my research, I bought this:

To which I say: Nom Nom.

(But don’t recommend eating a whole pack at a sitting.)

And here’s today’s twittertale picture, from my personal files (because cats are evil):

*although quite possibly eating them again**

**not the same exact ones again. That’d be gross.****

***Well, not EXACTLY this. I ate one. Just one, I swear.

****In fact I *DID* eat them today, and discovered there are three flavours, not two. Which means that when I wrote the above, I was deprived of the full range of flavours. *gasp*

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