S#97: Let go of people

Hello from Brisbane. I’m hidden in a corner of the CYA Later, Alligator conference so I won’t write everything until tomorrow. I will tell you that it’s been epic, and surprising, and complicated. Out of blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed blood and sweat so far, and I can almost guarantee tears before the end. (But I don’t care, because I’m awesome.) At 10am (six HOURS after waking up**) I had a pitching session that cost over $4 a minute. It was epic, and surprising, and complicated. Tonight I fly to Sydney and stay in a backpacker. I have a funny feeling it’ll be epic, and surprising, and perhaps even complicated.

Not so long ago I wrote about how exciting it was for me to take on new students (I ended up with a lovely girl needing maths help, who had a Mum willing to drop her off and pick her up from my house).

Today I’m writing about how good it is when you look at a situation (or a person) honestly and realise you’re better off without them. I lived on one side of Canberra before I married, and now I live on the other side – but I still teach several people from before I moved. One of them, Bobina*, lives half an hour away from my new locale – so when I teach her, it is literally one hour of driving for one hour of teaching.

Fortunately for both of us, she is just about to finish her university course (finally!) so I get to stop seeing her. Great girl, bad location.

And now I can teach someone else at that time – cool!

NB: I prepped this entry before leaving Canberra, and since then I’ve gained three new students – all within fifteen minutes of where I live. Mmm. . . scheduling.

Here to fill out your growing paranoia regarding robot cats – a real ad for a real robot cat:


*Not her real name.

**But at least I won’t have to spend that 6 hours lurking in cafes just hoping she walks past.***

***Because that would be DUMB AS.

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