#201: Blood (but no tears this time); or, Stop whining and go see a doctor.

The weather has it in for me.* Our bathroom has no fan, so our bathmats are forever getting wet and not drying out. Every so often I wash them (may as well) and hang them on the line. The trick is to do it first thing in the morning. Then, come late afternoon, they are bone-dry and delightfully fluffy underfoot.

I awoke to sunshine this morning. I washed and hung out the mats.

I collapsed back into bed in a state of existential despair (a predictable outcome of actually daring to venture interstate; recovery takes a long time).

I awoke to torrential rain.


Too late to rescue the mats, I simply went to my scheduled doctor’s appointment. (I had some blood taken a month ago, and had received a non-urgent call that they wanted to talk to me about the results. I was rather nervous, since I’ve visibly gained weight since last visit, when the doctor advised me to cut down on chocolate***. She’s a daunting lady.)

I was kept waiting for almost an hour, during which time my anxiety grew.

Finally the moment came and I was called into the arena. My blood had revealed extremely low vitamin D levels – something that causes fatigue, muscle aches, and stomach cramps. She was kind enough not to bother suggesting radical treatment (such as going outside sometimes), but told me to take pills. That I can do. Everything else was normal. She advised me once again to eat less bad cholesterol, especially in milk and dairy, but rather than breaking down sobbing at the thought (which I did last time) I just said, “Not going to happen.” We repeated the conversation a few times, and I promised I might, someday, drink skim milk. She released me unharmed.

It is an indication of something amiss that I’d felt worse last time about being dishonest by omission (because apparently, in my mind, abject sobbing translates to, “Yes doctor. I’ll change my naughtiness at once!”) than about humiliating myself by crying. This time, I did neither.

So that was a great visit. I feel better, I didn’t cry, and I have a brand new genre of magic pills to make life all better.****

I then went to the shops to do various things. It was blindingly sunny, and I felt hopeful for the fate of my bathroom mats. Maybe they’d still dry out in time – or at least, enough to be brought inside.

I did the shopping, and emerged to another bout of torrential rain.

Like I said, the weather has it in for me.

But I’m getting my own back. I’m gonna take vitamin D tablets, and I NEVER NEED TO GO OUTSIDE AGAIN!!*****

I win.

Tomorrow: Bonus Inception review, plus awesomeness.

And from http://abstrusegoose.com/301, psychological proof (as if we needed it) cats are evil:

*too melodramatic?**

** nevaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!


*****And again I say to you, hah!

*****Well, not if there’s a nice tunnel system built from my house to various crucial locations – and we finally buy that dryer we’ve been planning on.

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4 thoughts on “#201: Blood (but no tears this time); or, Stop whining and go see a doctor.

  1. More gold from the Mistress of the Mundane (in that you make it sound interesting) 🙂 you make a trip to the doctor sound interesting!

    You do get used to skim milk….. eventually 🙂 Lite White’s not too bad, doesn’t look watery like some.

    CJ should drag you out on his improptue walks he’s been facebooking about 🙂

    1. Hi again Stu – you say the nicest things. Skim milk makes me ill (and also takes away my will to live – breakfast is important, dagnammit, and not to be trifled with), and walks usually give me headache (either sunshine or wind, ever since I was quite sick nine years ago). I swim and ride an exercise bike, which is why I’m not obese.

  2. Good luck with the vitamin D. I’ve been on hefty doses of the stuff myself, and it seems to work wonders.


    1. Thanks Jolyon. Vitamin D had been on my mind ever since you told me about your lack of it. Yay for sunshine in a pill.

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