S#22: A Boxoffice Night’s Dream – Inception Review (with Shakespearian flavour)

There’s been much ado about “Inception” – a movie about what dreams may come, and how they can be shaped. I’ve heard people are seeing it twice in order to figure out the darn plot – and that’s fair. But I would posit that (after the opening flash forward) you always know what’s going on and what’s at stake (which is all you need), and personally I plan to see it again just because it’s so excellent (and yes, I’ll enjoy understanding it a bit better the second time around).

This is a startlingly good thriller. The idea is trippy and fun – our minds are a very opal. There were moments of great emotion when I realised I would have been crying except that I was so thoroughly caught up in the action that I was too stressed to cry. I’ve heard it said that it’s really fantasy, not scifi, and I do recommend you take it that way – the ideas are fun, not realistic – and instead of technobabble they have a button and some coloured water (what more does one need? Personally, I’m grateful to avoid lectures and just get into the story.)

The acting is exquisite, and the writers manage a big-name ensemble cast without losing sight of who the true main characters are. This is a movie that does special effects seriously well, and doesn’t let them overwhelm a tense story. It’s also very funny, and bleeds sheer coolness from every pore. It also has the quality I loved in the first “Lord of the Rings” and the relatively recent “Italian Job” – intense, understated male camaraderie. Oh brave new world, that has such people in’t!

People who seriously dislike speculative fiction (especially the speculative/mind-bending parts) may not like it. I think everyone else will, especially those who like a thoughtful and/or well-characterised and/or funny thriller. I get bored fast when people talk about feelings. I love it when their feelings are going to GET EVERYONE KILLED.

I still love “Sherlock Holmes” most out of 2010’s films (I’m not all that big on mind-bending plots in general) but this is a movie I want to see again – as soon as possible.

And as the plot thickens in “Killer Robot Cat”, here’s another menacing look from one of my own killer cats:

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4 thoughts on “S#22: A Boxoffice Night’s Dream – Inception Review (with Shakespearian flavour)

  1. I take it you have yet to see “Scot Pilgrim vs the world”?

    I really enjoyed “Inception” too, and loved that while there were many levels of reality, the story telling was linear to help with comprehension. The only real issue I had was the “twist” at the end, which (a) wasn’t really needed to make it a good film, and (b) so obvious compared to everything else….

    1. You’re right Greg – I haven’t seen “Scott Pilgrim” yet. I already know I’ll love it. I didn’t mind the final “Inception” moment, although I see what you mean.

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