S#40 and #82 – Silly hats for the deaf

s#40 is to learn sign language.

#82 is to wear a silly hat.

There are a lot of different sign languages, so I learnt the Australian sign alphabet. The vowels are the easiest – you just touch your right index finger to each finger of your left hand – “A” is the thumb, “E” is the index finger, and so on.

Play along at home: If your name is Ioueueoa, you already know how to say your name! Great work!

You’ve seen this silly hat before, but I think this is the last time I’ll wear it this year. I was invited to a picnic by an optimist (you can tell they’re an optimist, because they invited me to a picnic in Canberra in September). The weather was like this:

There was also an icy wind.

Now, my beanie is famous on three continents, but on this particular day I was outdone by a sheep/monkey suit, as you can see:

Kids these days.

And here’s today’s killer robot, from (I think) geekologie:

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