#40: Steal Flowers

If there’s anything this blog has taught me, it’s that crime is awesome*. Technically, this item on my pre-existing list read “pick flowers” but since I own exactly 0 flowers at present (some of my plants are dead, and some. . . sleeping), I chose theft once more.

I’m still recovering from schmoozing in Melbourne and Brisbane, and I’m still physically recovering from Indonesia in January (and a vitamin D deficiency). It’s reasonably difficult to get up in the morning, or be enthusiastic about. . . well, anything.

And this is where crime comes in. I stole these flowers from five different locations (my friend Ann may find the daffodils eerily familiar, but the other victims of my crime spree were all neighbours and/or strangers), generally leaving my car running to assist in the fastest possible getaway. I inadvertently collected several ants (both large and small) in my guilty haste, but since none bit me and the fuzz hasn’t come a-knocking, I feel I can confidently declare that crime pays.

And, it’s fun.

My heart rate is up, my house is all pretty (I put some in every single room), and a smile is tugging at my lips.

In other news, I took these two photos of my cat Ana spying on our neighbours (neither was posed, and the look in the second picture was a response to my picture-taking – after which she went back to work. . . watching. . .). I also had a nightmare about a killer robot last night. That was odd.

I call this second one, “Here’s looking at you, meatwad.”

*There’s been fountain frolicking, herb hustling, and guerrilla gardening thus far.

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4 thoughts on “#40: Steal Flowers

  1. Ahhh – I hope you took the ones from the garden and not the pot near the stairs!!! Oh – i have visitors from the US and Canada on at ‘Headache’ 😀

    1. Ann – yes to your first sentence (I’m a polite thief) – and huh to your second (I don’t know what you’re talking about).

  2. they look more like Jonquils than daffs…. (smaller and actually have scent)

    *I iz spying, don’t interuptz me*

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