#200: Documentary

I’m still working my way through Ben’s suggestions of awesomeness. I’ve chosen to interpret this one as requiring any visual media – not necessarily film. So I have created the following two pictures, which I call: “The Writing Life”. It really tells you everything about my daily life.

1. Morning.

2. Afternoon/Evening.

In other news, I’m almost ready to send “The Princess and the Pirate” to Publisher D, which means I have no urgent writing to do (I estimate they’ll give their final yes or no in 6-12 months, given I’m only sending the first chapters). My only polished book not on someone’s desk is “Farting My ABCs” and the publisher I want – H – is currently closed to submissions. So I can slack off now, if I want to.

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived back from the recent schmoozefests, so I’m pretty well recovered. From tomorrow, I’ll be eating properly again. It’s good timing in terms of my womanly cycle, how much stuff is happening with work and family and friends (ie not much), and my writing (I write MUCH less without chocolate). I’ll be visiting my extremely pregnant sister in early October, so that’ll ruin everything, but fluctuating weight is better than a continuing increase.

I rarely get nightmares from my writing (one reason I don’t write much horror). But I had one the other night about a giant Japanese robot spider. Then Ben sent me this, from http://xeai.com/public/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/l08_5072.jpg

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8 thoughts on “#200: Documentary

  1. PS I’ve been writing for an hour and a half so far this morning, and have managed to do exactly nothing on “The Princess and the Pirate” – my so-called “focus” of the day.

    1. W: 2 sentences is good. I have actually started now, so that’s a plus.


  2. Re: your latest twitter tale twitter…

    “My strength began to slip”?

    Slip? Really? That metaphor doesn’t do it for me… I’d much prefer “wane”, or perhaps even “flag” (increase the vocab of your readership!).

    Not to be hypercritical or anything… Usually I rather enjoy reading your writing, but that word irked me 😉

    Write on!

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