S#34: Krieg up your wallet

It was steffmetal.com that inspired the project of awesomeness you see before you. Which is interesting, since Steff Metal is primarily a heavy metal blog, and this. . . isn’t.


Here we are.

To this day, I’m not entirely sure what krieg is. (Perhaps, given my musical taste, that’s the point.) But I have a notion Tim Burton is krieg.

So here’s my new wallet (and some daisies. Are daisies krieg?)

And here, celebrating another day in the life of everyone’s favourite killer robot cat, is something from geekologie (I think – I really should check that), that is krieg, brOOtal, and trOO):

Maybe being krieg has more going for it than I realised.

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3 thoughts on “S#34: Krieg up your wallet

  1. haha – that’s awesome.

    Krieg is the German word for war. In metal discussion forums, lots of people starting using these “brutal” words to describe really, well … brutal metal. Because everyone on metal forums tries to one-up each other by finding the most underground, little-known, extreme bands they can. So someone would say “Mayhem ist krieg” and everyone would know they were talking about an extreme metal band. The other words are tr00 (meaning true metal, as opposed to false metal) kvlt (“cult” or underground) grymm, nekro, and br00tal. It’s became a bit of a common metalhead joke, with all these words used to mean something is considered awesome and metal.

    1. Steff Metal: Ah, now it makes so much more sense (in a strictly intellectual way 🙂 ).


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