Steampunk Earth Day Launch

On Saturday 30 October, wherever you are in the world, it’s time to play along at home.

Steampunk (adjective):

Victorian-inspired alternate reality for fiction and fun.

How to join Steampunk Earth Day:

Spend an hour or a full day doing any selection of these options:

1. Turn off the lights.

2. Turn off the AC/heater.

3. Walk or bike instead of using a car.

4. Turn off the computer and/or internet and/or TV.

5. Get your steampunk on with long skirts, awesome boots, leather/metal in your clothes, mad scientist welding goggles or whatever seems steampunk to you.

Do something green – install a solar panel or water-saving showerhead or something.

If you like, you can sign up officially at

The rationale behind Steampunk Earth Day is that the Victorian era was where a lot of today’s pollution was born and raised and bred. Steampunk is all about taking the Victorian era and making it more fun – so why not take a day to be steampunk WITHOUT the pollution?

From, some steampunk outfits to get your started:

I hope you like this month’s steampunk twittertale, “Zeppelin Jack and the Deadly Dueller” @Louise_Curtis_

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