S#60: Rise and Shine

Today’s awesomeness is all about changing one’s morning routine.

My normal routine is as follows:

1. Turn off alarm clock. Greet consciousness with a moan of existential despair.

2. Remember the existence of chocolate, and get up. Pat 1-2 cats, kiss 1 husband.

3. Have a glass of water while checking email just in case a publisher got up REALLY early to email me with a three-book deal.

4. Sort through up to twenty utterly uninteresting emails. Blink back tears of career-related despair.

5.  Remember I’m not allowed chocolate until after breakfast. Get breakfast.

6. Eat breakfast (and six pills including vitamins B through to D) while posting twittertales (unless it’s something that specifically happens later in the day) and trolling through 15 or so blogs.

7. Give last skerrik of breakfast milk to older cat. Kiss husband goodbye as he goes to work.

8. Reach end of blogs. Check some again to see if they’ve posted something new since I last checked. Refresh email a few times, just in case the publisher has JUST walked into work and rushed straight to their desk to send me a contract. Facepalm with mental-illness-related despair.

9. Remember existence of chocolate. Eat chocolate.

10. Begin writing and/or housework.

Since I’m currently visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and almost-born niece/nephew in Perth, things have changed dramatically.

Which is to say, my husband and cats are not here, and I’m eating a different kind of breakfast.

Of course, when I’m away CJ makes it better by sending me photos like this (from yesterday):

Yep, life sure is different when you’re travelling.

From radioactivebodega.net, something most wonderful:

And a postscript to today’s twitter scene: Nitrogen gas is extremely stable – so much so that an American space program sealed a room and filled it with Nitrogen to protect it against fire. When two staff members went in, they experienced mental retardation (otherwise they’d have realised something was wrong and simply left the room), unconsciousness, and death.


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