#210: Come Home

The best part of leaving is the coming home part. Last night I flew back into Canberra from Perth, and I couldn’t stop exclaiming over how nice my house is. (And also CJ, but I remembered that part pretty well.)

My cats found me extra fascinating for a bit – although not as fascinating as the day I came home smelling of Melbourne, Brisbane, AND Sydney (having not had a shower for the thirty hours spent travelling from Melbourne to a Brisbane conference and then staying that night in Sydney before I could get home to Canberra – four states; one shower at the end!)

Dogs mark their territory with urine. I mark my territory with just as much single-minded devotion, but less ammonia. In consultation with CJ, I rearranged our room so it now looks like this:

I heartily recommend rearranging one’s room as a form of therapy for the mentally ill or anyone feeling out of control. It proves through action that at least you have enough power to control the most important environment of your life. That’s worth a lot. (My apologies to any readers currently in prison and/or traction.)

Also, CJ sorted out some of his stuff. That always makes me happy. By “sorted out” I mean he threw away a whole box full of papers, including an invitation to a wedding for some friends of ours that have since divorced.

Ah, the life strata of a hoarder’s drawer. Luckily for me, CJ’s hoarding tendencies are under control – although he does have his own room, so the potential for chaos remains. . . waiting. 

We also found a $50 voucher from our own wedding (in January 2009), that we not only haven’t spent yet, but is still valid.

Kmart, for your two-year expiration date, I love you.

One of the features of the new arrangement is that, for the first time, I have a dressing table (the picture is a mirror, and the drawers are now largely mine – hairbrush and so on in the top so it’s 100% tidy* but easily accessible).

Coming soon: Given that my sister is due to give birth tomorrow (not that such an exact date means much to the kid), there will definitely be some very tiny baby photos sometime this month. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

From brassgoggles.co.uk, here’s how a serious steampunk fan redecorates:

*CJ is a hoarder, and I’m a little OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which in my case means that if certain areas aren’t tidy and/or squared to the edge of the table, I have panic attacks). Starting our life together with two bedrooms rather than just one was A Good Plan.

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    1. Ann: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If certain areas are untidy I panic – shaking, crying, catastrophising, and possibly throwing things or self-harming.

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