#215: Ritual

In the Western World, we lack rituals. We have a few for marriage, death, birthdays, and graduation – but not much to celebrate new life, or adulthood. The Catholic Church does ritual so much better than Protestants.

Today CJ’s cousin and his wife celebrated their baby son’s life by having him baptised.


This ritual had it all: Candles. Fire. Water. God. A priest in robes. An altar. And the grace-note of children and babies squawking or giggling at peculiar moments.

I liked the priest. He smiled when the babies interrupted him, he was uncomfortable but polite at having so many people ask him for posed photos with their children afterwards, and it was clear by the way some of the children ran up and hugged him (robes and all) that he was a familiar and safe place for them to feel special. I also know that he warmed the baptismal water so the babies weren’t uncomfortable.


Also, it was good to know that if the vampires attacked, we had a solid supply of holy water, and the necessaries to make lots more.

What a weight off my mind.

Here’s something a little steampunk for your Monday morning:



Coming soon: Bubbles! Diet Coke and mentos! Steampunk 21st party! Steampunk Earth Day! Spontaneous soccer! Other stuff!


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3 thoughts on “#215: Ritual

  1. I find the catholic crucifix an interesting thing. Poor Jesus always looks particularly gaunt and elongated with disproportionately long arms and legs… I guess its meant to make his suffering more evident, but it just doesn’t work for me.

    1. Ann, the crucifix freaks me out a bit too (like most protestants – we like an empty cross, symbolising the resurrection rather than the horrifying death bit. At least, that’s the theory).


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