#216: DIY therapy

On Saturday the 17th of July, after well-documented struggles, I scraped into the healthy weight range at 76.5 kilos (having peaked at a new record of 83.5 kilos on the 6th of April).

Shortly afterward, life happened. Quick summary:

Sydney Sydney Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Sydney Perth

And I weighed in yesterday at a whopping new record of 86.5 kilos.

I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about how travelling does not combine with any other type of work. It’s not surprising information – the only surprise is how powerful the effect is.

So now, with no more travelling this year and with repeated failure at my back, I abandon moderation (which I suck at) and dive into six weeks of pain. No chocolate, no lollies. Lots of exercise.

It’s been very clear for a long time that chocolate fills in the gap between my ability to be semi-functional and the point at which I have to consciously concentrate on not harming myself or others.

But it’s also clear that, given half a chance, I’d be morbidly obese. The kind with bacteria growing in the inaccessible folds of the fat. So with metaphorical blood pouring from various wounds, I re-enter the fray.

There’s no strategy that works other than going through the pain, cutting down as much as possible on anything resembling functionality (eg going to church, seeing friends). I’ve also been watching Bear Gryll’s French foreign legion show (8:30pm on SBS2) and the sheer pointless pain of it is wonderfully inspiring to watch – and, in my own way, to emulate.

So I’ve plastered my desk with inspiration messages. They’re not, for the most part, happy messages – but happiness makes me angry.

Here’s what they say:

don’t think

life and wealth begins November 30

pain is lard leaving the body

this is better than chronic health problems

this is better than diabetes

obese people smell bad

I weighed 65 only recently – and while mentally ill and hugely stressed

fat me = fat kids

it is harder for me, but I am stronger than statistics

60% of adult Australians are overweight

I have TV, books, cats, free massages, writing, flowers, food

food tastes better

By 2050, half of UK kids aged 6-10 will be obese

By 30 November, I will be better than average

this is worth fighting for

this saves around $50 every week – that’s $300

November: green jeans [ie I’ll be able to wear pants again]

I still have a great waist

do or die

good news: spring. beetroot. diet coke. corn thins and avocado.

hunger is normal

In other news, I googled “steampunk motivation” and found this, on geneticabnormality.com:

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8 thoughts on “#216: DIY therapy

    1. Thanks Jolyon (not that I do any actual running*)

      *except, possibly, in a soccer game.

      1. My new year’s resolution for the past five years* has been to decrease my junk food intake. I think I’ve managed to finally convince myself that lollies are bad for you.

        *Coincidentally, this overlaps almost exactly with the date I started paying my own dentist bills…

      2. Jolyon: It’s really difficult to go against the overwhelming flow of society. But since you’re not overweight, I don’t think you need to worry overly yet. A little sugar and bad food is good for us.

    1. Thanks W. Remember back at the beginning of uni, when we were both healthier? Those were the da—

      Nah. Now is better.

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