#219: Steampunk 21st Party

I knew it’d be awesome, and it was.

I chose boot visibility over semi-accurate skirt length. My corset’s from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney.

Something else awesome happened at the party, but I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “#219: Steampunk 21st Party

  1. Beautiful! My corset (well, my only “strictly” actual tightlacing one, as I technically own 7) is a Gallery Serpentine, too. It’s forest green with a bit of black lace. So pretty and such good quality. I would spend thousands in that shop, if I had thousands.

    You have thousands! From your jewellery! Shopping spree … 🙂

    1. Nick: I don’t even know who George Clinton is, so I’m going to go google him, stat. They’re pretty intense to wear. Thank goodness I’m not a rock star.

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