S#14: Bubbles!

Ingredients: Cheap dishwashing detergent. Water. Cornflour (optional; I dunno if it helped or hindered). A bucket. Hands.

To make bubbles, you make an “OK” symbol with one hand, and blow through the “O” into your other hand (cupped to receive the bubble). I so very highly recommend you play along at home. It’s like magic.

I’ll be making more bubbles on Steampunk Earth Day (this Saturday). I heartily recommend you do the same.

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Sunday: Diet coke and mentos. . . and the first time awesomeness could have caused serious bodily harm. Officially my favourite video ever. . . and I haven’t put it on youtube yet.

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11 thoughts on “S#14: Bubbles!

      1. Ah…… You didn’t mention bubbles at the time 🙁 I call for a rerun just so I can play too!

      2. Ann: I promise a rerun. This Saturday is Steampunk Earth Day, and I will definitely be playing. We will have others over for dinner, but p’raps in the arvo? Assuming you are still using a horseless cart that day (I’m not).

  1. Why was I not invited?! 😉

    Looks like fun. Ah, for springtime again… Over here, it’s getting to that miserable part of the seasons where it’s not snowing yet, but it’s annoyingly cold.

    1. Jolyon: True, I didn’t invite you. . . but you DO live a little farther off than Brisbane.

  2. This is so cool!
    Mitosis… lol!
    I’ve been inspired by this video to do it at school and spread the joy to all the little children! XD 😀 It’s gonna be sooooo cool 😀

      1. Awesome! I made someone’s day! ^^
        Kinda sucks that the mixture in a bottle failed :\ We shall try again, though! 😀

      2. Georgia: Your bubbles failed? Oh no!

        I tried them again on Saturday, and I found that a mix of about a cup of dishwashing liquid, a strong splash of water, and two tablespoons of cornflour worked well – the cornflour makes them strong enough.

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