S#21: Hydration

As per steffmetal.com’s suggestion, I changed my water consumption method from an ordinary glass to this one, which my mum painted for me several Christmases ago (the flowers were a Steampunk Earth Day gift):

It’s always a good feeling to drink from a nice glass. It’s also adds a hint of danger, since you know that if you sneeze unexpectedly, you’ll not only shatter your mum’s handmade gift, but also probably get glass shards in your eyes.

Fortunately, I eat* danger for breakfast.

Today’s picture speaks for itself.

Thus far the face of ebay has not blessed us (unless you like really elaborate, detailed scams and/or getting insulted by randoms**). Most of the items run out of time on Monday, so if anyone actually buys anything, that’ll probably be the day. In the meantime, we remain on rations.

Speaking of rations. . . I’m hungry, shaky, and shivering, so evidently the diet is going swimmingly. Feeling grumpy but mentally strong, which is about as good as can be hoped.

Go eat a chocolate for me. But don’t report back this time.


**I know I do

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    1. W: Only when you put an item at its full value, which we did for one item – the black diamond (CJ and I reached a compromise; he wanted to explore non-ebay options before posting it at all).

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