#222: Kidnap Your Date

You know it’s gonna be a good date when you take your partner in the car looking like this:

I took a circuitous path to the secret location, and CJ was soon lost.

My cunning plan was to walk him onto a certain island at just the right time, leaving the blindfold on until a certain sound happened, when he’d suddenly know where he was. Sadly, the route I’d taken was too circuitous, and we were about five minutes late. CJ didn’t mind. He realised where we were the instant I opened the car door.

Yep, the National Carillon. It’s usually playing from 12:30-1:20 on Sundays (pause as Louise casts a subtle eye toward the followers of this blog who have brand new boyfriends*). They played, among other pieces, “Yellow Submarine”, “The Addams Family” and the strangely appropriate “He Had It Coming.”

I’ve written about the Crillon before, sometimes even for money (go on, click the link!)

The island itself is beautiful, and we walked all the way around (something I didn’t dare do by myself, since there’s a strong possibility of stumbling across a pair making out in one of the dozens of semi-secluded spots). Along the way we spotted a Mysterious Rat-Like Creature (sleek, furry, and about a foot long – not including a presumed tail) diving into the water. That was definitely a highlight. Was it an otter? Was it really a rat (it didn’t appear to come back up)? An escaped ferret? A secret governmental water camera?

Inquiring minds want to know (but never will).

I did at least get a photo of this guy, who obligingly posed for about twenty minutes. Sit, Bobo! Stay!

We passed three patches of rose petals. I’m pretty sure that if CSI wanted to, they could analyse the rate of decomposition and work out exactly when the weddings occurred. Then they could analyse the level of sweat on the petals to determine how stressed the bridal party was, and extrapolate that into predicting whether the marriage will succeed or not.


CJ and I found a nice patch of grass, ate our lunch, and watched pleasure-boats pootle by.

I apologise for the above photo, featuring the High Court building. Lake Burley Griffin is surrounded by beautiful and/or intriguing buildings, and that’s just dead ugly. CJ said it was a product of its time – and that’s certainly true. There was a time when sheer naked concrete was considered special. But this is not that day. THIS IS NOT THAT DAY!!**

I feel a little sorry for those who paid to go on a ferry and meander past all these gorgeous islands without the fun of being able to dig their bare toes into the cool grass.*** Suckers.

Once we’d had lunch, CJ promptly and picturesquely fell asleep.

Tomorrow’s awesomeness is a reader suggestion – “Go entirely barefoot for one day”, which I’m actually still doing today. I’d forgotten that the island of the National Carillon is built entirely on duck poo and prickles.

The things I do for you people. And CJ and I are going out again after dinner.

So tomorrow’s blog will include pics of my death-defying Carillon island tree climb, and a fashion shoot of how dirty my feet end up after all our adventures.

Coming soon: Tomorrow is also when our initial ebay time runs out, and we may or may not (probably not) get money. I’ll let you know. Also coming soon: Archery. ZOMBIE WALK!! Watchwords. Facebook friends. And more.

In completely different news, here is an article on modern piracy (the kind with cellphones, governmental corruption/weakness, and weapons that kill innocent people). Modern piracy costs around $13 billion a year.


*Two, that I know of.

**And duck poo.

***Ask Aragorn. He knows.

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    1. Life Intervenes, the tip was strictly for when you actually want to do something other than make out with him. So. . . maybe this time next year.

    1. WOW W! We knew it was a cormorant, but not that it was a shag. Consider my mind boggled.

    1. Dear home viewers: It so happened that Ben was standing behind me when I replied to his previous comment. I pointed out (only slightly after the fact) that it was impossible for him to hit me on the head, because I was having a conversation with him elsewhere.

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