#146: Barefoot for a Whole Day

Well, I did it.

I gotta admit, I thought my feet would be way dirtier. I guess the late-stage grass and/or carpet neutralised some of the filth.

In the morning I hung out washing, then took CJ to the Carillon island (at one stage he attempted to carry both me and all our picnic supplies out of a patch of prickles). I mentioned death-defying stunts. Here they are:

It’s a lot scarier than it looks. Observe the terror in my eyes:

After that we went home, and then at night we went out to the movies (still, in my case, barefoot). Then I checked the oil level in the car (perilously low, thanks for asking), took a foot photo, washed my feet, and went to bed.

The End.

Within the next few hours, I’ll find out if anyone real is going to buy any of our surprisingly valuable jewellery. Drum roll please. You’ll all find out tomorrow. At the moment, two of the twenty items are being “watched”, and another one has had a question.

And, while we’re on the topic of barefootedness, here’s today’s scurvy villain (in terrifying statuette from wholesalecentral.com):

What kind of person would buy a statuette with skulls?

Just saying.

Speaking of barefootedness, Canberra is having a genuine Zombie Walk on November 27! It looks like hundreds of people are coming – including me, of course. Here’s the details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120640534658762&index=1

Will you be there? Want to arrange a place to lurk together?

Probably NOT a good idea for children. You might not be scared of zombies any more, but I certainly am. “Shaun of the Dead” gave me nightmares (nighmares with a zeppelin, but nightmares all the same).

PS: Alternate titles for “Lord of the Rings”. Read the comments; they’re just as good.


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5 thoughts on “#146: Barefoot for a Whole Day

  1. I think my favourite is How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ring. It’s pretty accurate, and funny.

    Barefootedness is great. I do it whenever possible.

    1. W: Thanks, by the way, for the barefootedness suggestion. Walking through grass like some kind of happy hobo was well worth the duck poo and prickles.

    1. Definitely you, and much appreciated. Barefoot is always awesome. Did I tell you that when my family lived in papua New Guinea there was a period of 6 months when I didn’t own shoes at all?

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