S#43: Archery

Frequent viewers will be aware that my lack of coordination is famed on three continents. My friends and CJ and I had a Discussion About Louise And Sharp Objects and mutually decided that I wouldn’t be shooting arrows anyplace, ever.

So, with any aura of practicality out of the way, I got my Lord of the Rings on.

I call that picture, “Are you taking a photo?”

The umbrella and brick wall weren’t doing it for me, so I ran and pulled down a curtain.

Good ay?

Now let’s zoom out a little (like they do on CSI):

If you look closely, you’ll notice:

1. The pirate ship in the top left.

2. My brown skirt peeking out underneath the dress due to an over-hasty change. (Superman I’m not.)

3. Three other ships.

4. One sneakered foot belonging to my curtain.*

I wasn’t strong enough to draw the bow very far at all – those things are meant to be tough. As you can tell by the fingers of my left hand in the first shot, I wasn’t especially good at just holding the arrow, let alone anything else. But it was awesome all the same.

This week I’ve written not just one but two brilliant and true pirate history posts for steffmetal.com. I’ll let you know when they’re up – possibly as soon as tomorrow.

To tide you over until then, a picture from jackiemorris.co.uk:

So, what happened with ebay on the fateful day**?

Nothing. Not a sausage. It was quite thrilling to sit and watch as each of eighteen items utterly failed to sell. They’re back online now, with better discounts, better pictures, and a better display system. I can see by the numbers of watchers (plural this time) that things are already picking up.

Also, I lost just over a kilo this week – which means I’ve lost 4.1 kilos on this current no-junk journey, and I’ve just reached the halfway point (in terms of time, not weight). I face three more weeks with no chocolate, no sugary drinks, and no lollies or cake or biscuits – and then we’ll see. To get into the healthy weight range, I need to lose 10 kilos altogether, which MIGHT be possible by the end of the year (which’d be worth a lot, since that was my main goal for 2010).

And today is Tuesday, which means Publisher B might reply. They’ve had one of my books for 18 months***, and another for a year.

*Thanks Ben.


***but who’s counting?

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