S#88: Facebook Friends

Steffmetal.com suggested making a facebook friend into an actual friend. This works great for me, because I release my twittertales on facebook as well, which means I have a ridiculous number of facebook friends, and I haven’t the faintest who most of them are.

A couple of days ago, someone initiated a conversation with me, and I responded. Turned out Complete Random # 678 was also a writer, living in Sydney, and after a genuinely enjoyable chat I ended up joining an entire online writing community on his recommendation.

So go ahead and play along at home – turn a facebook friend into a real friend.

In other news, since I now carry a camera with me (ready for awesomeness to occur so I can trap it and sell it to the London Botanical Society), I took this picture during a red light:

This awesomeness was probably a lot more interesting for me than for you, so here’s something to tide y’all over until tomorrow:

You’re welcome.

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