S#1: Pyjama party

Today’s awesomeness mission: “In bed. Just you, something (or someone) to snuggle, a laptop, notebook or sketchpad, some rad music, a good movie, and a hot cup of chocolate. It’s the perfect antidote for dreary weather or cancelled plans.”














































In two and a half hours it will have been three and a half weeks without chocolate or lollies in the world of Louise. I’m now letting myself drink weight watcher’s chocolate milk – one a day. It really doesn’t cut it, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

Today I had breakfast and watched some “Gilmore Girls”. Then that was too much work and I went and had a lie down (both cats were way ahead of me). Then that was too much work and I fell asleep. Then I woke up and had my pretend-chocolate ration while watching “Gilmore Girls”. I expect the cycle will go around a few more times before the day is done. There’s a reason this awesomeness was #1 on the steffmetal.com list.

The rest of you can cheer yourself up, too – just click on the link below. It has very mild language and themes (the rest of the site is sometimes NOT for children). It retells my absolute favourite part of history: Real-life pirate girls Anne Bonny and Mary Read dressed as boys, fell in love, fought duels, and defied the King.

Metal History: Bastard Pirate Girls

Published by Felicity Banks Books

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3 thoughts on “S#1: Pyjama party

  1. Heya Lou,

    Just a quick note that your big pictures don’t format so well on the blog – they kinda make the text go wonky!

    In other news, inspired by your blogging efforts, I’ve begun keeping my own travails of being an Australian in America (http://dodgyfysix.com). Not that I’m doing awesomeness each day, but I am reminded each time I post that maybe, maybe I might have accidentally done something awesome that day 😉

    Hope all is well down under!
    ~J, up over

    1. Thanks for the data Jolyon. I’ve been working on finding a solution for a few days so far.

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