#71: Learn to spell “unneccessary”


Phew! That was tough, man.

You can tell I had quite a brainstorming session when I began the Daily Awesomeness scheme. This has always bothered me. And now I know the truth: Two ‘n’s, one ‘c’, two ‘s’s.

A reader just submitted a giant and inventive list of awesomenesses. Here’s a few samples of what I’ll be getting into:

Write an unusual Wikipedia article (not trolling, rather a very
legitimate article on some highly obscure specialty of yours)

Take out a Job Ad in Saturday’s paper advertising for something
unusual (Have you seen that one ‘Wanted: someone to travel back in
time and help me hunt dinosaurs. I cannot guarantee your safety, I
have only done this once before’…? something like that.)
Then publish this along with the more unusual/sarcastic responses.
(Possible Ad: ‘Local Start-up seeks Vampire Hunter. Will train, some
decapitation experience preferred but not required’)

Put a note in a Bottle and drop it into Lake Ginninderra

Create a Time Capsule to enlighten future archeologists on the topics
that historians are unlikely to mention in depth (e.g. Reality tv,
Bieber fever, public toilet ettiquette)

Recreate famous Hoax Photos (i.e. ‘the Surgeon’s photograph’ of the
Loch Ness Monster, the Bigfoot photo, that ‘I want to believe’ UFO
photograph) in sarcastic ways (i.e. put googley eyes on the Burley
Griffin Monster, have the local Yowie be wearing a visible Ipod, have
the UFO be a Cookie, etc.)

Make a piece of modern art.

And here’s some pictures of the Young Endeavour – my #1 favourite place to research piracy (and yes, I did).

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