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One of the writerly blogs I follow is http://ripping-ozzie-reads.com/ Every so often they have a book giveaway, and I generally enter. I won “Diamond Eyes” by A. A. Bell, which arrived this morning signed from one writer to another by Anita (which already makes me like her).

Later this week/year (depending on how my own writing is going – I’ve decided to beat last year’s NaNo novel into shape for a massive UK competition worth $20,000) I’ll write a review and post it up here.

Yay! New book!

I’ve only just read the first few pages, and was hooked by the page one question, “Why bother blindfolding a blind woman?”

It’s incredibly creepy already, and I can tell it’s just going to get worse.

In general life news, I now weigh 80.2 kilos – which means this diet is going better than any diet I’ve done before (other than the shooting abdominal pains, but oh well) – and have one week left until I’m allowed chocolate. The hardest part will be eating moderate amounts of chocolate, so I can continue to lose weight in December, and achieve the 76.5 kilos I need to be in the healthy weight range.

Remember my fabulous treasure trove of gold and diamonds and so on? Here’s how it’s going:

Cost of valuing/ebay so far: $400

Total value of items sold: $80

*sigh* Who knew being rich would be so expensive? I do have an actual plan underway, and should be able to sell at least a couple of items by the end of the year.

I bet Blackbeard didn’t have so much trouble converting his booty to rum.

This picture was taken from iwatchstuff.com. The smoking beard was something Blackbeard actually did in order to terrify his victims. That, plus his general psychosis, rumours of evil supernatural power, and real guns, and– well, let’s just say it all worked.

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2 thoughts on “#Win a prize

  1. Oooh, that book is on my TBR pile. Do review when you’re done!

    Which writing comp is that? (She asks, thinking how $20,000 could buy an awful lot of plane tickets to Germany.)

    1. SteffMetal: I’ve actually stopped reading the book, because it wasn’t my style. I’d very happily post them to you – just send me a private email with your address. Merry Xmas. Also the comp is Terry Pratchett something something (I’m on the non-bookmarked computer). I think it’d suit you very well.

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